Celebrity Endorsements

This is a list of well-known people who have shown their support or given an official endorsement to Andrew Yang for President. The goal is to provide the most accurate list possible, so if there’s any reasonable doubt about whether they actually support Andrew, I’ll add a note to their name.

You can see the details of their endorsements by following the links.

Major Endorsements

Elon Musk – CEO of Tesla and SpaceX
Dave Chappelle – Comedian
Donald Glover (aka. Childish Gambino) – Actor and musician

Most recent name on the list

Michael Rapaport – Actor


Adam Carolla – Comedian
Anita Baker – Singer-songwriter
Alyssa Milano – Actress
Casey Neistat – YouTuber
Christina Sommers – Author and podcast host
Chris Jericho – Wrestler
Dane DeHaan – Actor
Dave Chappelle – Comedian
David Arquette – Actor
Donald Glover (aka. Childish Gambino) – Actor and musician
Ethan Klein – Podcaster/YouTuber h3h3Productions
James Gunn – filmmaker and director
John Leguizamo – Actor and comedian
Ken Jeong – Actor and comedian
Michael Rapaport – Actor
Norm Macdonald – Comedian
Olivia Wilde – Actress
Penn Jillette – magician and TV personality
Peter Boghossian – Author
Rivers Cuomo – Lead singer of Weezer
Steven Yeun – Actor
Teri Hatcher – Actress
Tommy Chong – Actor
Whoopi Goldberg – Actress, comedian and TV personality


Elon Musk – CEO of Tesla and SpaceX


Andrew Yang – Entrepreneur and politician.
Rep. Mike Honda – Member of House of Rep. from 2001-2017


Antonio Bryant – former NFL player.
Daniel Negreanu – Poker player
Dominique Wilkins – NBA. Hall of Fame member.
Douglas Baldwin Jr – NFL WR 1x Super Bowl champ (Sea), 2x Pro bowl.
Jermaine Kearse – NFL WR 1x Super Bowl champ (Sea)
John Cynn – Poker player
Marcellus Wiley – ret. NFL player for 10 years. 1x Pro Bowl.
Mark Schultz – Olympic gold medal winning wrestler
Vanessa Selbst – poker player (all-time most winning female poker player)


Bill Perkins – Hedge fund manager

Donated to Andrew Yang’s campaign

Jack Dorsey – CEO of Twitter
Kevin Lin – Co-founder of Twitch
Nicolas Cage – Actor
Noah Centineo – Actor
Sam Altman – CEO of OpenAI and former President of Y Combinator
Sam Harris – Author

Other notable mentions

Alexis Ohanian Sr – co-founder and chairman of Reddit (not official, but supported Andrew Yang by pledging 10 freedom dividends after debate)
Boy George – singer (Not official endorsement, but published positive tweet)
Brian Yang – Actor
Dutch Boyd – poker player
Faraz Jaka – poker player
Melanie Weisner – poker player
Michelle Rodriguez – actress (Not official endorsement, but several supportive tweets)

If someone’s missing, let me know through the contact page.

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