Ad Campaign for Andrew Yang

Since mid-July I’ve been running an ad campaign to help boost Andrew Yang’s campaign. You can find all the updates made along the way, and keep an eye on the results-tracker in the sidebar, in the menu or here.

Andrew Yang’s campaign is a grassroots campaign, which means that we all have to step up, to have any chance of succeeding. That’s what I’ve been trying to do with this ad campaign, and at this time (end of September), I’ve received help from about 35 people in total, to crowdfund the ad campaign, and the results have been very good.

As a big believer in transparency – especially when it comes to a project like this – I dedicated a section of this website to it and try to make sure I provide plenty of updates.

The ads(videos) are all made by me (a supporter), and are in no way affiliated with the official campaign. I’m simply trying to do my part to spread the word about a vision for America I find deeply compelling.

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