I’m Shutting Down the Ad Campaign

The time has come. The fact is that there simply wasn’t enough support to warrant the amount of time I was spending on it, and that I can’t afford to spend as much time on it going forward as I have previously. Something had to give, and in the end, it had to be this part.

Looking around the YangGang community, there seems to be an appetite for supporting ad-projects like this, but despite the great results, there wasn’t a lot of interest in this one for some reason.

I’ve seen large numbers of people supporting and happily running towards projects that creates very little value (at best) for the official campaign, while projects with a very high return on investment gets ignored, or close to it. It’s frankly been a bit mind boggling and frustrating to watch.

With that said, I’m quite happy with what we got done in the 3 months that this ad campaign was running, and at a crucial time in the official campaign, where growth was badly needed.

During the time it’s been running, Andrew Yang has gone from trying to break into the top 10, to becoming a top 4-6 contender.

This is fantastic, and means that he will have a better opportunity to further introduce himself to the public, than when I started the ad-project. That makes the continuation of the ad-campaign less relevant/urgent in my mind.

Fundraising for the official campaign went from a slightly disappointing 2.8 million in Q2 (which is when I decided that this project was needed) to over 10 million in Q3.

Overall, I think this is a good time for me to move on and reapply my focus somewhere else.

The final results of the ad campaign were:

Impressions is the number of times that the ad has been put on the screen for a person to see. Earned views is the number of times someone clicked and watched the ad, and then afterwards looked for more videos on the channel.

Regardless of how you choose to estimate the impact, I think it’s very clear that the money was well-spent, and that it has helped build the wave that is going to come crashing down on Washington D.C.

It’s hard to gauge the impact, but If even 1 in 200 of those who had the ad shown (saw the billboard/impr) went on to donate an average of just $4. – And 10% of those who watched the ad went on to donate an average of just $10. – And 20% of those who saw the ad, and immediately searched for more Andrew Yang content after finishing, decided to donate the campaign average of $25

The results would be a minimum of $96,013 in campaign contributions off of a $550 investment from us (or over $170 donated to the official campaign, for every $1 we spent on this).

So, even if you think my estimates were 10 times too big, it would still have been a great investment.

I hope those of you who contributed are satisfied with how things went – I certainly did my best to make that happen.

To the 4 people who has a recurring donation setup: Remember to turn off your recurring donation for the ad project, if you do not want to support the main project (making new videos, articles etc). Any donations made towards the ad campaign, from today and going forward, will be funneled to the main project.

I will continue to run the ad campaign on a more personal level, if I happen to generate enough funds from the main project, to exceed the costs of running it. I’ll keep doing it because I think it’s a great investment – it’s just the time spent/stress/exposure to other peoples money etc. I’m cutting away.

You can help make that happen with donations, using ads in the video descriptions (ex. if you are buying things on Amazon, you can do so through any link in the video descriptions – then part of your purchase will go towards this project, at no cost to you) and also from store purchases.

I will also continue to update the results tracker on this website periodically, and perhaps make an update once in a while, if there is anything to update, but nowhere near as often as previously.

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