Ad campaign update for the first half of September

Here are the numbers for the ad campaign up to this point:

And the numbers for the past 2 weeks alone:

The “Earned Views” of the short ad has climbed to an impressive 14%! (Earned views is the number of people who look for more Andrew Yang content on the channel after watching the ad)

That number is much higher than I would have thought possible, and really shows how effective the ad is when combined with the UBI misconceptions video I made to put at the end.

For comparison, here are the numbers for the short ad in August. (before adding UBI misconceptions video and new thumbnail)

During that period, the video only had an earned view rate of 3%.

The view rate has been climbing over time, which means fewer “billboard views” over the past few weeks. This is likely the effect of Andrew Yang becoming more mainstream and a better thumbnail.

Funds are running low and will be depleted within 10 days.

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