Bill Perkins supports Andrew Yang

Bill Perkins is a hedge fund manager who currently manages Skylar Capital.

He made a significant part of his net worth as an energy trader.

Bill Perkins endorsement of Andrew Yang

Bill Perkins endorsed Andrew Yang on Twitter with the following tweet:

Here’s a clip from Joey Ingrams “Poker Life Podcast” where Bill Perkins talks about why he supports Andrew Yang


What is Bill Perkins known for?

Outside of the businessworld, Bill Perkins is mostly known as an avid poker player and for being friends with Dan Bilzerian.

In the poker world, Bill is known as the life of the party, and for making bets that aim to improve the life of the other person. Most famously in the weight loss bet against Jamie and Matt Staples, where they were given 1 year to match each others weight at 50-to-1 odds. (They won the bet and $150,000)

Jamie and Matt Staples before the weight loss bet
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