Ads back for a limited time.

This is getting awkward, but the ads are now back for a limited time. After my last post, there were some donations made to the ad project, so I will of course run the ads until the money is spent. But I just want to make it clear that I’m looking to end the ad campaign, because I don’t want to get hit by some unforeseen consequences if the ad campaign grows too big.

The new ad (Yang in 90 seconds) is doing very well, at a very low cost-per-click, but since it’s so short, there was something lacking. I therefore made the video 10 misconceptions about Andrew Yang’s Freedom Dividend (UBI) and link it at the end of the ad. That combination is doing much better than imagined, and a high percentage of the people who watch the ad goes on to watch the other one.

So far (on the new ad, with link) every $10 gets over 50,000 impressions, about 1800 ad video views and 200 who goes on to watch more videos on the channel. That’s incredible value. Nevertheless, I’ll be shutting down soon and focus on the main project, which is struggling with dropping support. The ads might make a comeback around the primaries.

Updates in the sidebar as usual.

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