Final results of the ad campaign

The ad campaign ran for 6 weeks and has now run out of funds. With just 2 recurring donations set up, I’ve decided to end the ad campaign for now.

Someone recently suggested that I should open a Patreon page for the ad campaign, which yielded 1 supporter. That seems like a good reason to call it quits.

Final results:

Total contributions: 24 ($213)
Total spent: $226 (Old vision $39; New vision $152; Yang in 82s $35)
Ad impressions: 1,071,101 (Female 705,277; Male 277,521; Unknown 88,304)
Video views: 15,918
Continued to watch more Yang content on the channel after the ad: 468

Thank you to those of you who helped out. We reached a lot of people as you can see, and I know for a fact that many people who didn’t know about Andrew Yang before encountering the ad, now know who he is. Here are a couple of reactions:

There were many other positive responses to the ads.

It also brought sceptical people into the conversation, like these two, who turned out to be open-minded people. (zoom to read)

I haven’t been able to talk to everyone, since there were so many, so if you would like to help introduce people to Yangs ideas, then please dive into the comment sections of the videos.

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