New ad running, but campaign could be coming to an end soon.

The new and shorter ad is running, but probably not for long.

As you can tell from the picture, we just crossed 800,000 impressions during the 5 weeks that the campaign has been running.

It took just $200 to get 800,000 ad showings (or billboard views, as I like to think of them as), 12,000 ad views and at least 400 people who decided to continue to learn more about Andrew Yang after watching the ad.

The demographic of the Yang Gang skews heavily male, so I mainly tried to reach females.

The Patreon page I set up for the ad campaign has a total of 1 Patreon – -, and on top of that, there is 1 recurring payment on Paypal. This is unfortunately not enough to keep the project running, so unless there is some development in the supporter numbers in the next week, I will have to put the campaign on hold or give it up entirely.

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