Andrew Yang’s vision – Ad campaign update #3

Ad for Andrew Yang’s Vision of America was approved and is running again. If you missed update #2, you can see it here.

I have some good news and some bad news.

The good news

All of the metrics from the ad are looking good.

Impressions per $10 spent is up to 54.000, and will likely increase to at least 75.000 over the coming days. (This number was 20.200 for the first ad campaign, pre video edit)

This is an example of an impression on mobile. Even if people don’t click on the video, they have essentially seen a billboard of Andrew Yang, which will help with face and name recognition, and make him seem more relevant to the average voter.

Earned views are up 200%. From 1.5% to 4.5%.

This is the number of people who decide to watch other videos on the channel, within 7 days, after seeing the ad. (Since the ad has only been running for 2, the number will likely go up)

Combined with a lower cost, this number is actually 790% higher per dollar spent. (compared to first version, pre edit)

View rate has remained steady at 1.45% (compared to 1.44%).

This is the number of people who click on the video when shown an impression. (Important to note that I don’t run ads that people will be forced to watch, or will auto-play, which would skew the numbers)

I had personally hoped that this number would drop, to increase the amount of “free billboard ads”.

Cost-per-view is down to almost a third of the cost, from $0.034 to $0.013, and expected to go down to $0.0065.

This doesn’t just affect the number of actual views – it also increases the number of impressions per dollar, by the same percentage.

This is due to the change in marketing strategy discussed in update #2.

The following day after the ad started, this post popped up on Reddit.

The bad news

After the video was edited, there has been no new support.

0 donations have been made to the ad campaign, compared to 11 following the first version (in the same amount of time), and 0 new Patrons compared to 7.

This unfortunately means that the campaign won’t get to run very long, despite the good metrics.

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