Andrew Yang’s vision – Ad campaign update #2

Campaign update #1 can be seen here.

The new video

As you probably know, I gave the “Andrew Yang’s Vision of the Future” video a makeover.

There were many small things in the first version that could have been better, but was left out due to time constraints and diminishing returns.

After seeing the support outweighing my expectations, on the first version, I ended up wanting to do the video.

Patch notes (never thought I would get to write that)

  • Made the video more smooth.
  • Cut 30 seconds for better flow.
  • Improved the quality of pictures/videos.
  • Recut the music. (This one was a lot of work, but will hopefully never be noticed by anyone. I made both pieces of music longer than they were originally, to fit into the video.)
  • Reworked some of Andrews talking – although I had to give up on some of it, because the source material was too poor.

There were a few things I had to give up on improving, simply because the tools I have at my disposal are not good enough for a top-notch production (currently 19% of the way on Patreon, to being able to upgrade the software), but overall I hope you still like the result.

My computer was screaming in the summer heat, and pumping out a whopping 3 fps while editing, but fortunately did not explode. What I thought would be a 3-4 hour edit, quickly turned into a 14 hour day.

The strategy going forward

I want to make sure that I stretch every dollar to maximum potential, since a $200 budget is not a lot in a marketing context.

Given the budget and the fact that Andrew Yang is not a household name yet, I want to try to maximize for impressions rather than “quality” views. Think of it as a YouTube billboard.

The title of the video features his name, and the thumbnail is only a picture of Andrew, so getting that ad shown a lot can have a big effect on name and face recognition, and will make people more open to Andrew the next time they bump into him – if they don’t to click the video.

This will not mean that fewer people get to see the video. Impressions are free, and the campaign can run as long as there is money on the account.

It will also provide more views, as those views are cheaper, since they are “less valuable” in normal marketing terms.

I also don’t believe the video is suited for a forced watch. Voluntary clicks/views should be prefered. I think this will be the best overall compromise for max impact.

Results of the campaign for the first version

(New campaign is currently at 0 as it is waiting to be approved by Google)

The first campaign targeted key demographics and in key contexts, thereby making them more expensive.

The total came to slightly more than $38, so if you do the MATH, the number of impressions per $10 ends up at 20.200 – fitting number.

The second campaign should provide 5-10x the views per dollar, and a significantly higher amount of impressions per dollar as well.

There’s roughly $170 left in the war chest to promote Andrews Vision.

This means that even with a very modest budget of $15 per day, the money will run out in less than 2 weeks.

So, if you want to toss a little extra in there through this link (end amount with 48 cents to earmark for ad budget), or tell your friends what we are doing, you are more than welcome to do so.

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