Ad campaign begins

The ad campaign for “Andrew Yang’s Vision of the Future” has been approved and started, as you can easily tell by this graph of views on the video over the last 48 hours.

Due to the constrained budget, I’ve chosen to specifically target a mix of demographics that Andrew is not doing too well with, but should be. This means female voters. People working in retail and transport. Caregivers. Parents. Etc.

So far, the numbers suggest that Andrew Yang will show up on peoples screen 18.000 times per $10 spent on the campaign. The number of people who click on the video is obviously a lot lower, but if Andrew is going to have a chance to win the election, everyone needs to be able to recognize his face, so even exposures are a win.

I will keep you up to date as the campaign progress, and if you would like to give it a boost, you still have the opportunity to do so through this link.

Several of the people who have commented on the video, since the campaign launched, has mentioned that they have not heard of Andrew Yang before. I hope that you will help give them a warm welcome and answer any questions that they have.

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