The purpose of this website is to supplement the Savvy Progress YouTube channel, with subjects and additional information that doesn’t quite fit the YouTube format.

Why create a website?

I like transparency and I love when the people I follow is willing to be honest about what goes on behind the curtain.

This is especially true when it comes to the details that not many are willing to share. Therefore I think that you should be met by those standards, if I happen to create something that makes you curious.

Recently I made a video called “Andrew Yang’s Vision of the Future”, and several people suggested, that it should be an official ad for Andrew Yang and his run for the democratic nomination in the 2020 US presidential election.

So, I took people at their word, and gave them an opportunity to turn it into an ad, if they were willing to fund it.

During the first 24 hours, 5 people sent donations earmarked for the ad campaign. Now, 5 people might not sound like a lot to you, but when 5 people trust me with their money for a specific purpose, I take it seriously.

The first purpose of this website is to provide updates on that ad campaign, and to show some of the hidden details of what goes on behind the YouTube channel.

If you would like to join these 5 wonderful people, you can contribute using this link. (End the donation with $xx.48, to show that you would like to earmark the money to be spent on the ad campaign)

You can also join the Patreon page. There are lots of hidden costs to this project, and without support I won’t be able to do it effectively.

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